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The age of permission marketing is upon us. Your customers are receiving a barrage of e-mails, coupons and direct mail messages aimed at winning their hearts and business. Meanwhile, database-marketing companies are tracking their buying habits and selling the information to your competitors. Your competition is courting your customers. Is your name on their dance card?

Purchase incentives and rewards, customer service, customer retention and attracting new customers just got easier with RewardsPal.

A successful loyalty program must appeal to your customers, and should be cost effective to maintain. The key to strong customer relationships is information. The more you know about your customers the better you can serve them. Accurate customer information capture allows you to make your rewards relevant and promotes brand loyalty. The information you collect can be used to develop customized rewards that demonstrate your responsiveness of your customers' lifestyles and buying trends.

Features of RewardsPal

  • Comprehensive business rules for Awarding and Redemption of loyalty credits based on frequency of visits, transaction value, specific product and cumulative transactions.
  • Flexibility of redefining the business rules for a program on the fly, allowing you to monitor and adapt a loyalty program based on continuous market feedback.
  • A Modular architecture that allows you to tailor and scale the functionality into an application that suits your needs.
  • Extensive reports to evaluate and understand the efficiency and impact of your loyalty program.
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