Terms and Conditions
  1. RewardsPal Network is offered to certain card members at the sole discretion of Khawab Media Group, Inc, the issuer of your card account ("Card Account"). If RewardsPal Network is terminated, you will only have 90 days from RewardsPal Network termination date to redeem all your accumulated RewardsPal Network points ("RewardsPal Points"). RewardsPal Network rewards and the RewardsPal Point levels required for specific RewardsPal Network rewards are subject to change without notice. All RewardsPal Network rewards are subject to availability. You may access continuously updated Terms and Conditions of RewardsPal Network at www.RewardsPal.com.
  2. A RewardsPal Network Member Account ("RewardsPal Member Account") will be set up to record your RewardsPal Point activity. RewardsPal Points are transferred from your Sponsor Account or, where applicable, contributed directly by RewardsPal Network into your RewardsPal Member Account on a periodic basis. RewardsPal Points accumulate and expire as described in your Sponsor Account materials or in RewardsPal Network promotional materials. RewardsPal Point accumulation and expiration status can be accessed on your RewardsPal Member Account statement available online at www.RewardsPal.com. Please keep the Sponsor Account materials and promotional materials for your records because they are part of these RewardsPal Network Terms and Conditions. RewardsPal Points and rewards have no cash value, may not be assigned, transferred and/or pledged to any third party. You have no property rights or other legal interests in RewardsPal Points. You are responsible for any personal tax liability that may be related to participation in RewardsPal Network and redemption of any RewardsPal Network rewards.
  3. You can add Sponsor Accounts that transfer RewardsPal Points into your RewardsPal Member Account, and you can combine multiple RewardsPal Member Accounts into one RewardsPal Member Account, provided the Sponsor Account and the RewardsPal Member Account are for the same individual. Sponsor Accounts and RewardsPal Member Accounts can be combined by visiting www.RewardsPal.com or by calling the RewardsPal Service Center.
  4. RewardsPal Points are not eligible for redemption until they are transferred to your RewardsPal Member Account. Only you may redeem RewardsPal Points, unless you or RewardsPal Network agree otherwise. You may purchase additional RewardsPal Points for a nonrefundable fee. For more information regarding the RewardsPal Points purchase option visit www.RewardsPal.com or call the RewardsPal Service Center.
  5. Any RewardsPal Points subtracted from your RewardsPal Member Account may reduce or eliminate accumulated RewardsPal Points and may result in a negative RewardsPal Point balance. If such subtractions are applied to your RewardsPal Member Account after a reward for redemption has been selected that reduces your RewardsPal Point balance below the amount required for such reward redemption, RewardsPal Network may suspend delivery of the requested reward. If your RewardsPal Member Account has a negative RewardsPal Point balance, any newly accumulated RewardsPal Points will be used to offset such negative point balance until such balance has been brought to zero.
  6. RewardsPal Network has the right to monitor all Member Account activity. If required by applicable law or as requested by a Sponsor, RewardsPal Network may freeze your RewardsPal Member Account. If your Member Account is frozen please contact the RewardsPal Service Center for further direction. If your RewardsPal Member Account shows signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, you may lose your accrued RewardsPal Points, and, as a result of this activity, RewardsPal Network may close your RewardsPal Member Account immediately. If you have conducted any fraudulent activity, RewardsPal Network reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and may have grounds to confiscate any rewards redeemed as a result of such activity. In addition, you may be liable for monetary losses to RewardsPal Network, including litigation costs and damages, and you will not be allowed to participate in RewardsPal Network in the future. If your RewardsPal Member Account does not represent the correct number of RewardsPal Points that you should have been awarded as determined by RewardsPal Network, RewardsPal Network reserves the right to adjust your point balance. If you have been awarded RewardsPal Points in error or if you believe your RewardsPal Member Account has been the subject of any suspicious activity, please contact the RewardsPal Network Service Center immediately. If it is determined you have been the victim of a fraud, the points you have earned will be transferred to a new RewardsPal Member Account.
  7. RewardsPal Network, its affiliates, and any merchants participating in RewardsPal Network make no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind concerning RewardsPal Network rewards. All RewardsPal Network rewards are void where prohibited by applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations and are subject to change as may be necessary to comply with such laws or regulations. You release RewardsPal Network, its affiliates and any merchants participating in RewardsPal Network from all liability regarding the redemption and use of RewardsPal Network rewards, including any rewards that, after receipt, may be lost, stolen or destroyed. All participating RewardsPal Network merchants are in no way affiliated with or responsible for RewardsPal Network administration.
  8. Depending upon the type of RewardsPal Network reward, certain limitations and restrictions may apply. Delivery of merchandise rewards may not be made to a post office box or outside the continental United States, except for Puerto Rico. Delivery of gift card/certificate rewards may be made to post office boxes and to shipping addresses in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, as well as in the continental United States. Allow two to five weeks for shipment of merchandise rewards. Allow one to three weeks for shipment of gift card/certificate rewards. All gift card/certificate rewards not received after three weeks are to be reported to RewardsPal Network as lost/stolen. RewardsPal Network claims forms for reimbursement of lost/stolen gift card/certificate rewards must be received by RewardsPal Network within 120 days of the date that the gift card/certificate rewards were ordered. Virtual rewards do not involve delivery by traditional mail, are only accessible on the Internet, may not be returned to us, and may be subject to further terms and conditions as described on the Internet. If shipping a reward to Puerto Rico, you may be required to redeem or purchase additional RewardsPal Points to cover shipping costs.
  9. Subject to authorization, you may exchange reward certificates/merchandise only in the event of certificate/merchandise defects or damaged shipment. For rewards consisting of more than one item, please note that all items must be returned even if only one is damaged. Returns of defective or damaged merchandise must occur within two days of delivery
  10. You can apply your RewardsPal Points toward virtually any rewards (i.e., travel, merchandise or service) of your choosing with Your Wish Fulfilled. Sign on to www.RewardsPal.com or call the RewardsPal Service Center and describe your desired rewards to one of RewardsPal Network's Wish Specialists through an online form. A minimum amount of 10,000 RewardsPal Points is required to receive a RewardsPal Point quote. If RewardsPal Network can find and price what you are looking for, the Wish Specialist will let you know how many RewardsPal Points will be needed to redeem the rewards you desire. Please allow two to five business days for the Wish Specialist to respond to your request. Quotes are only valid at the time they are issued, and all quotes are subject to change. Wish Specialists can only assist you with items that can be found within the continental United States. Restrictions apply to shipping food or perishable items, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, antiques, collectibles, artwork, companion services, cosmetic surgery, any financial items (stocks, bonds, etc.), funerals, illegal items, intimate items, livestock, medicine/medical treatments, pets, pornography, weapons/firearms, frequent flyer miles, any item that has been produced in limited supply and items from Internet auction Web sites. RewardsPal Network, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline to fulfill any particular request. Rewards redeemed through Your Wish Fulfilled are not returnable.


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